Innovative 3D imaging delivers high-performance visual display solutions

Creating any immersive environment, 3D display or virtual reality application is possible thanks to Christie's advanced projector and display technology.   From virtual prototyping and 360 degree panoramic imaging to fully immersive CAVEs, Christie advanced visualization technology delivers unparalleled powerful, customizable and scalable solutions.

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World's First High Definition 3D Virtual Reality Environment

The Weill Cornell Medical College is the world's first high definition 3D virtual reality environment. It uses the highest resolution blended images possible, projected on three walls and a walk-on floor. An interactive tracking device, worn by the primary user, coupled with a hand-held electronic wand to manipulate the images, allows multiple researchers to move around - simultaneously within a three-dimensional data set or structure.

3D/Advanced Visualization Solutions Product Brochure

Discover what makes Christie one of the world's most innovative visual technology companies in the world.  This brochure provides a full overview of Christie's 3D/Advanced Visualization solutions including projector and display systems information and technical specifications.

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